From August 15 to December 5, 2014, Henk Biemans exhibits a selection of his metal artwork in the St. Pieters en Bloklands Gasthuis, Achter Davidshof 1, 3811 BD Amersfoort. Opening of the exhibition is open every day from 11:00 to 15:30 (see press release and download Draadkunst van Formaat).

Algemeen Dagblad, 16 augustus 2014: In gevecht met staal (920 kB pdf).

Algemeen Dagblad artikel 16 augustus 2014

Corpus ordination in the Old Catholic Church in Amersfoort (3 maart 2014: webartikel Wijding Corpus).

AMERSFOORT - You have people who spend hours in the attic playing with their model trains or model ships. And you have people with a different hobby. Take Amersfoorter Henk Biemans. When he comes home from work, then the knight blood in his veins, and he runs to get started with making chain mail and armor ... You Today report from Mark van der Wel (bron: Regio TV Utrecht, 27 maart 2008: Amersfoortse ridderfanaat gek van harnassen).

Many compatriots have a fascination with the Middle Ages. Castles, knights and noble ladies. Henk Biemans is gripped by it. Especially the fashion of that time inspires him. With his creations can rightly call him the "Versace" of medieval haute couture (bron: NCRV Man bijt hond, 5 maart 2008: Kleren Maken De Ridder).

AMERSFOORT - Place mate Henk Biemans shows tonight (March 5, 2008) in the TV show Man bijt hond. He is fascinated by everything that has to do with knights and manufactures coats of mail. Depending on the size of a coat of mail consisting of 50,000 to 100,000 rings: that is two kilometers wire that is twisted. In Man bijt hond Henk gets the chance to show his work. Models show the medieval clothes on a catwalk in the Muiderslot (bron: Amersfoort Nu, 4 maart 2008: Amersfoorter in Man bijt hond).

De Stentor, 30 oktober 2007: Ambacht uit Vervlogen Tijden.
"Henk Biemans (42) lives in two worlds."

Stentor 30 oktober 2007