Henk Biemans

The hand of the master and the strength of steel.

Henk Biemans at home

Power. Firmness. Flexibility. Emotion. It's all there, visible in the work of the artist Henk Biemans. What started 40 years ago with meticulously styled braids of iron, copper or silver rings grew into wire art of robust proportions.
Base material: metal.
In his figures of restrained steel everything comes together: inspiration, precision, craftsmanship, patience, tenderness. Each sculpture fascinates by the animating force that it expresses. Dead material come to life in the hands of the creator. Every time it's a fight. Until the perfect shape that expresses what he sees, feels, thinks has been created.

Smith Henk 


For Henk metalworking is pure meditation. Evoking a thought process evolving through the years, that never stops and always encourages new ideas, new possibilities. Gradually developing the skills that are essential for an artist: a keen eye for detail, a sense of form and proportions, a steady hand, a nose for the perfect tool and the patience to continue to refine. The manual labor inspired him to new ideas, the use of new material, the application of new techniques.
Heavier materials began to challenge him: straight wire, 10mm or even larger. He is passionate about working with this material which enables him to express that one attitude, that one pose that can inspire an artist suddenly: the position of an arm, the curve of a knee or elbow. You could almost call this a spiritual experience.

He first makes all his work in miniature. He creates a drawing, then a smaller scale model made of thinner wire. But always as perfect as the sculptures that follow. In each work lies the skill of the master, who remains at the same time a student. The use of technique is of great importance. Henk benefits from the fact that he practiced the techniques in many different areas. It exposed him to the character, the strength and resilience of different materials: leather, fabric, wood. A source of knowledge and  experience that still inspires him.

Henk at the Gasthuis Exhibition

But metal is the material that makes his heart beat faster and inspires him to use his hands to create formidable steel art.

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(text: Coosje Haan)